Melody's Bio

Mix one part sultry, with one part of grown and sexy, and a dash of sweetness—and you’ve got the distinctive sound of Melody. Melody is excited about releasing NEW MUSIC in 2017 that promises to be some of her BEST work!  

Named at birth Melody, this sultry singer was destined to bring joy to the world through her vocal talent. She has grabbed hold of her destiny sharing her melodic sounds with an international audience of music lovers. Singing from life’s experiences of the good and bad side of love, Melody’s voice captivates the adult audience and draws listeners into her story, her heart, and her soul.

Described as a blend of R&B, Jazz, Neo Soul and Gospel, Melody’s sound became an instantaneous international sensation with the release of her first solo recording in 1991. Now, nearly 25 years later, her sound has matured and her range has expanded as she demonstrates herself as a staying power in this competitive industry. She is a true icon of modern music and is one of the premier vocalists of our time.
Her voice possesses rich warmth that soothes your ears and holds you close as you listen to her unique soprano, alto and contralto ranges. Melody is known and cherished by fans and fellow musicians as a multi-talented recording artist/songwriter. She is best known for her large portfolio of inspirational music, which uplifts fans worldwide.

Born in Indiana and later relocated to Texas in 2005, Melody went from singing in churches to performing venues across the United States. In 2000 she experienced “life happening events” and decided to end her music career. After meeting her husband, he encouraged her to rediscover her passion and share her music and talents with the world. She listened and her career has rebounded.
In August 2013 Melody demonstrated her inner renewal and released an original single titled, “Sensational Touch” dedicated to her wonderful husband. She is inspired to write from her relationships and experiences and allow listeners to connect.
In 2014 Melody released her Christmas CD featuring original music! She exudes quiet power and vocally demonstrates strength and confidence in her music. Melody is in the process of releasing an R&B/Neo-Soul EP in 2017.  Play close attention to Melody’s music because…The Best is Yet to Come!